By Joanne Cantor
Lose It! The Personalized Weight Loss Revolution by Charles Teague and Anahad O’Connor
No He Can’t by Kevin McCullough
Pets in America by Katherine C. Grier
The Jew in the Lotus by Rodger Kamenetz

Christian NonFiction
Franchising McChurch by Thomas White & John M. Yeats
Good Book by David Plotz
Jesus Love You, This I Know. By Craig Gross & Jason Harper
Miracle at Tenwek: The Life of Dr. Ernie Steury
The Grace Effect by Larry Taunton
The Warrior’s Heart Revealed by Daryl Covington and Joseph Lumpkin
What is the Big Deal about Jesus by John Ankerberg & Dillon Burroughs

From Scorn to Respect by George Mardo
The Linkage by George Mardo
The Stemming Principle George J. Mardo
Uncaged: A Thriller by Paul McKellips

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