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Are you Rich?

May 9, 2012 Real Riches
by Charles R. Swindoll In [Christ] are hidden all the 
treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
---Colossians 2:3 From the looks of things, you're pretty impressive. You've got a nice place. And I suppose your neighbors would agree that you're a hard worker . . . climbing right on up that ladder toward success, right? . . .

Your salary is good and your material possessions are growing in number, but . . . the truth is you are empty on the inside and you're faking it on the outside. Not one thing you own in your "kingdom" has brought you the happiness you long for.

So you're thinking, "Maybe if I could land that better job," or "get into that bigger house," or . . .  or . . . .

But don't allow the smoke screen of more money to blind your eyes to the truth. There's a lot more to being rich than making more money. Seneca, the Roman, was right: "Money has never yet made anyone rich."

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May 8, 2012

The ABCs of Love
by Charles R. Swindoll Hatred stirs up strife, 
but love covers all transgressions.
---Proverbs 10:12

"I accept you as you are."

"I believe you are valuable."

"I care when you hurt."

"I desire only what is best for you."

"I erase all offenses."

We could call that the ABCs of love. And I don't know of anybody who would turn his back on such magnetic, encouraging statements.

There is nothing shallow about authentic love. Nor is it a magic wand we whip out and wave over a problem with a whoosh, hoping all the pain will go away.

Real love has staying power. Authentic love is tough love. It refuses to look for ways to run away. It always opts for working through. It doesn't cop out because the sea gets stormy and rough. It's fibrous and resilient. . . .

While the world around us gives the opposite counsel, love stands firm.

Wisdom...are you building yours?

No Success Without Wisdom by Charles R. Swindoll

Wisdom has the advantage of giving success. 
---Ecclesiastes 10:10

10:10 If an iron axhead is blunt and a workman does not sharpen its edge, he must exert a great deal of effort; so wisdom has the advantage of giving success. (From the NET Bible, and excellent online version of scripture with copious notes and references...Access the Net Bible here.)
I don't know of a hotter subject today than success. Magazine articles, books, seminars, and sermons promote it. 
But success is seldom linked with wisdom. Chances are good that if we would pick up last Sunday's paper and read it through, we'd come across twenty or more references to success, yet find nothing added regarding wisdom. 
In today's hype about success, wisdom is conspicuous by its absence. Outside of biblical literature and biblically based books, we hardly even come across the word. . . .
[Wisdom] may not give us great popularity and wealth and it may not mean that we …
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