Review of Lose It! The Personalized Weight Loss Revolution

Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off?  If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or access to the Internet - you should consider using the Lose It application!  Since 2008, 6,000,000 people have downloaded this app and have used it to keep weight off.

My review of Lose It! The Personalized Weight Loss Revolution is enclosed.  If you are serious about losing weight, buy this book and be motivated to follow this simple plan to lose weight.

You'll become more aware of what you eat and you will have instant motivation to exercise.

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Lose It! The Personalized Weight Loss Revolution [Softcover]
by Charles Teague and Anahad O’Connor
206 pages, $21.99
ISBN-13: 978-1605290942
Review by Steven King, MBA, MEd
In the era of the smart phone, it seems that new applications are released nearly every day. Some applications, such as Rovio’s wildly popular Angry Birds, promise to steal countless hours of your life with very little offered in return.  Slinging birds via slingshot into the skeletons of buildings is alluring to many—but will not do anything for you health.  In 2008, Charles Teague sought to change that.

He released an iPhone application which would help people manage their weight.  Hugely successful, the LoseIt application has been downloaded by over 6,000,000 people.  Today, the Lose It platform can be downloaded for use on the iPhone, iPad, Android, or used online.  If you own one of these devices, or have access to the World Wide Web, you have the ability to lose weight and keep it off for good.  The Lose It solution works because it is based upon a time honored principle: you must burn more calories than you ingest to actually lose weight.  You enter the weight you want to weigh and you are provided with a calorie maximum for each day (and are even told when you’ll reach your goal based upon your plan for losing weight.)

In the book Lose It! The Personalized Weight Loss Revolution, Charles Teague and Anahad O’Connor explain why the LoseIt application has been so successful.  The LoseIt philosophy is based upon five pillars:

* Embrace mindful empowerment
* Track your calories
* Track your habits
* Track your exercise as negative calories
* Benefit from peer support

The novelty of the program is the fourth pillar: Track your exercise as negative calories.  When you use Lose It, you keep track of all calories ingested.  The caveat is that any calories you burn while doing exercise are automatically deducted from your daily log as negative calories. It doesn’t take the user long to figure out that losing calories from your log has a dual benefit: not only are you exercising—you’re also able to ingest those negative calories and remain under your maximum for the day.

The Lose It! book helps dieters understand caloric intake and gives visual clues to help you understand how many calories you might be ingesting.  For example, three ounces of cooked fish is about equal to the size of one’s palm.  Additionally, the book helps the novice by providing an exercise guide with plenty suggestions on how to burn more calories.  Remember, calories “burned” can be eaten.

The most compelling chapter of the LoseIt book would have to be the one entitled, What’s Your Type: Identify the habits that are holding you back.  In this chapter, the authors illustrate why a one-size-fits-all diet will not work for everyone.  In this chapter, this writer discovered he is the consummate weekender – logging calories fastidiously until the weekend, and then letting the logging go.  LoseIt reminds you: a calorie is a calorie.  Want to burn off a pound?  Burn 3500 more calories than you’ve eaten and, yes, you will lose a pound.

Written in an easily read, narrative style, the Lose It! is commended to anyone trying to lose weight. In the book, you will find the philosophy behind the LoseIt application; plenty of dietary information to help you; and a variety of personal testimonies of individuals who have lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off.  If you like online forums, you will not be disappointed, either—there are numerous individuals who log on to LoseIt’s virtual forums to discuss exercise strategy, swap recipes, and give each other motivation.

Slinging virtual birds into the meager structures to watch them cascade to the ground will not help you reach your fitness goals. LoseIt will: buy the book and download the program.  After all what do you have to lose…

…except maybe the weight you’ve been wanting to lose all your life?



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