Last weekend before new job...

Today started at roughly 5:25 AM...

Instead of tossing and turning, I decided to get up and catch up on some reading.  When one reviews books, it's quite easy to get the coffer too full and then forget to allocate enough time to actually do the reading. I am finishing a work of fiction, which admittedly does not find its way into my life very often.  From Scorn to Respect by George J. Mardo (and yes...a review will be forthcoming...).

Otherwise, I am trying to re-think SQL commands for my new post, as I am also reading through Head First SQL. The tutorial format is precisely engineered for my learning style and if you need technical help, I commend the Head First series to you. See a variety of Head First books here.

In a little while, my best friend and I will journey to our new gym and do some aerobics to help keep the 'ol ticker' in working condition. Working out is cool...working out with my best friend is even better.  And, I hope you realize that my best friend is my wife, the biggest blessing in my life.  I love her so much! Her presence in my life blesses me much more than mere words can ever do justice. 

...the beach is calling.  I need the magnificence of the ocean to remind me how much I enjoy walking along, hand in hand, with the most beautiful person in the world.

Next week begins the new routine in our lives...

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