What makes you feel OLD?

A seventy year old mentoring pastor once told me that you never get to the point where you think your old.  In one's mind, you stay as youthful as ever - it's the body that reminds you of over exertion when you try to climb out of bed the following day.

Today, my youngest turns 18 - to know that all the kids are adults certainly makes me feel old.  This past week, I have thought about the times of life that seem to take forever compared to the times of life that fly by.  How I long for more of the former now...but the latter seem to increase every year.  When I was younger I engaged in a lot of wishing my life away - now, I want time to slow down and be able to enjoy things more.

One benefit of age is being able to rationalize things better. I can say, quite honestly, that some things just don't bother me any more. Maybe I have finally come to realize that complaining really does not work.  Or maybe complaining never worked and I was too young and immature to realize it.  Either way, I just do not feel like complaining.

Regardless, I am proud of my son, Steven.  A few years ago, life did not look very good for him as his bad choices were being multiplied exponentially. As he turns 18, however, he is already in his second semester of college and is making good choices about life.  Regardless of how old I feel...that reality makes me quite happy.

This week: he will get his license since some of those choices I have alluded to precluded that reality when he was 16. Today, I don't feel old...maybe, as I hear the car leaving the driveway with a solo passenger later this week, I'll change my mind.

'Nuff said.


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