Should we be amazed by human behavior?

I didn't post yesterday - I just couldn't wrap my head around a few events that are occurring in our world. Two different extremes that show very different tendencies of human nature.

Egyptians are fed up with President Hosni Mubarak - one who has billions of dollars and has won the popular "vote" for the last 30 years. In his country there is no middle class - just rich versus poor.  Apparently, the Egyptian people are entirely fed up with their lot in life.  Even those who are working endure dismal conditions for a few measly dollars daily.  I am quite sure that Americans would react similarly if our top elected official was raking in a tremendous amount of money and there was very little done to help the populace. 

Compare that to Julie Powers Schenecker, a Florida mom who allegedly shot her two teenagers for being "mouthy.  I defy any parent to show me a teenager who has not talked back. In fact, to anyone reading this - can you say you never talked back to your parents? I wish I could - but sadly, my hardheadedness got the best of me in my teenage years. I am guilty of saying many insulting things to my parents.

What do both extremes tell us about human nature? People are wickedly sinful to the core. Whether motivated by avarice and greed, we "do" what we think will make us better. I am sure it will be argued that Ms. Schenecker has some type of medical malady that supplanted reason for her to do this alleged act.  If that's the case, while diabolic, it at least gives some balance:  insanity is the absence of reason.

How could Mubarak live in riches while his country lived in squalor? He simply doesn't care and only wishes for himself to be better. He's lucky that the populace does not storm his castle and make him pay with his life.

Whatever happened to The Golden Rule?  Or have we changed "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you," into "Do unto others, and then split?"

-Nuff said.


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