How's Your Time with God been?

This weekend, I was in sunny Florida - evaluating some interesting potential changes for the family. The sun was shining, the food was superb, and the ocean was...well...the ocean. Breathtaking and beautiful.  While there was a frenzied pace to accommodate preordained appointments - Sunday was worth it all.

We ended up in a church on Merritt Island, FL.  From the locals we gathered that the church is quite involved in the community and even runs a Christian school. The church was everything we had hoped for: compelling worship, engaging sermon, and friendly people.

But...isn't that what church is SUPPOSED to be?I always thought so.

I must admit: I haven't really felt close to God in awhile. Sunday, I did. Call it a change of venue or a better attitude - the worship service moved me to tears. The people were friendly and even reached out to my wife and me.

God's gracious conviction has also reached into my soul that I should spend more time listening and less time talking. More time reading his Word and less time giving my opinion about it. More time being nice to people, as opposed to looking at everyone suspiciously.

I can honestly say that my time with God is's your time with God?

'Nuff said.


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