Have you ever stopped to think about the things that are the MOST important to you?  I have recently.  Being a proud veteran, I would have to say that the most important things to me, in this order, are:
  • God
  • Family
  • Country
First and foremost, I have very strong opinions about God. I believe that he sent his one and only Son to die for humanity to keep us from being eternally separated from him. I do not believe that I have always honored him - but I am resolved that "he" who knows me best - loves me most. In spite of my flaws, he still loves me. I marvel that God doesn't give up on me, since, if I were God...there are definitely people that have been in my life that I would have given up on.

Cut me off in traffic, will you? *Poof* Banished...Well, maybe I wouldn't be that bad...unless, of course, I hadn't had my morning cup of coffee.

Family comes second as the most important thing on this earth. In this category, the primary loyalty one feels should be for his spouse, then children.  I have purposed in my heart that my family is worthy of love regardless of biological connection.  If any of the "kids" who are related to me needed something, I would be there for them - biological, step, it doesn't matter to me.  I am not always sure that such loyalty is reciprocated. Unfortunately, people usually reveal their true colors when they're angry.

While I am not "angry," per se...I have learned to be the bigger person in a number of instances where kids say things that can be injurious. I don't think they always mean to hurt you - young people don't realize that things they say, or don't say, can hurt.

That's why I am careful when I update a FaceBook page, for example. What you "say" or "don't say," speaks volumes.

I suspect that familial loyalty is plunging to new lows and THAT scares me.  Work out your relationship with God...and then take care of your family. No matter "how" they're attached to you.

'Nuff said.
(Took a few days off to help one of the kiddo's move...)


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