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Review Policy

How I Review
If I accept a book for review, I will only give an honest review.  If, after diving in, I find the book too filled with grammatical error or negative slant – I will inform the author and not continue.  Either way, my presentation will be balanced and fair.  If I enjoy a book, I will cross-post my review to a high traffic site, such as: Amazon.com, B&N.com, etc.
Book Review Priority
I receive books for paid reviews and volunteer reviews. A paid book review will always trump a voluntary book review in queue. If you have submitted a book for review and are curious of its status in queue, please do not hesitate to contact me via this forum.
Accepted formats:
I accept audio, print, and e-books. Bound galleys and ARCs are fine, as are finished paperbacks or hardcovers.
Books I Like to Read
  • Religious nonfiction
  • Biography
  • History
  • Narrative nonfiction
  • Historical mysteries/thrillers
  • Audiobooks (of one of the above genre classifications)
Books I Will Not Accept
  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Vampire