About Me

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

I have always enjoyed reading.  As a youth, I realized that my imagination was far better than the movies produced on television. With a good book, I could journey anywhere in the world.  A popular public service announcement of my youth stated emphatically: reading is fundamental. It is my contention that people should spend less time watching television and more time cultivating their mind through reading.

Factoids about me
 & I am a Christian. Imperfect. Sinful...yet loved by Jesus the Christ.

 & I hold two graduate degrees: an MBA in IT Management/Healthcare Management and a MEd in Curriculum/Instruction: Technology.

 & I love public speaking.

 & I will complete doctoral studies eventually.

 & I have held posts in teaching, ministry, and nursing. Perhaps my life suggests I have never found my "exact" fit...but the journey has been enjoyable.  It certainly seems that I am attracted to the helping professions.
 & I enjoy fitness pursuits, technology, and theology.
 & I am PC and not Mac.
 & I like classic rock...but not country.
 & I am a cat person...
 & I never take myself too seriously.
 & I am happy to be married to my best friend.

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