How many friends do you have?

May 17, 2012    

Friendly People, Thoughtful People
by Charles R. Swindoll

There is a friend who 
sticks closer than a brother.
---Proverbs 18:24

If I have learned anything during my journey on Planet Earth, it is that people need one another. 

The presence of other people is essential---caring people, helpful people, interesting people, friendly people, thoughtful people. These folks take the grind out of life. 

About the time we are tempted to think we can handle things all alone---boom! We run into some obstacle and need assistance. We discover all over again that we are not nearly as self-sufficient as we thought.

In spite of our high-tech world and efficient procedures, people remain the essential ingredient of life. When we forget that, a strange thing happens: We start treating people like inconveniences instead of assets.


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